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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage includes:

Reduced swelling caused by lymphoedema

Improved immune system

Reduced sinusitis symptoms

Reduced fluid retention

Assists in regulating hormonal imbalances in women

Reduced in swelling and bruising post-surgery or injury

Reduced pain

At Elemental Health we have two level 3 Vodder-trained Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists.  For more information contact us.

Elemental Health evolved out of the need for a more holistic and integrative approach to health solutions. Our focus is on both body and mind, which leads to over all wellbeing.

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Our Programs

In additional to our clinic support we have a range of online programs including our Menopause Reset, Healthy Kids Naturally and Ageing Outrageously. 
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Our Treatments

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Our Practitioners

At Elemental Health qualification and standards are important to us.  Our practitioner qualifications exceed requirements of AHPRA and ATMS.  They leaders in their respective fields.   

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