A nutrition consultation provides you with personalised dietary advice to help you manage your health and wellbeing.  

A consultation includes:

  • Taking a detailed case study and health history
  • Analysis of your eating habits and lifestyle
  • Assessing and defining your health goals
  • Prescribing personalised nutrition plans
  • Assessing vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Assessing gut health 
  • Prescribing vitamins, amino acid and mineral supplements
  • Providing advice on cooking methods and recipes

Meal plans and specialist programs can also be designed for your individual health requirements including detox, weight loss, auto-immune protocols, allergy and intolerances, hormonal balance, fertility and skin care.

Practitioners:  Christine Pope, Debbie Milsom and Jean Jarrett

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm
(after hours booking available)