Acupuncture and Chinese Medical theory is founded on the relationship between the internal organs, based on the circulation of energy, a system which often differs from the Western medical model. 

Acupuncture treatment demands that we choose the appropriate acupuncture point/s with relation to the individuals signs and symptoms.

The insertion of fine needles into acupuncture points are manipulated with the appropriate method to return the body back to health and homeostasis.

Therefore, even though the disease or symptoms may be the same for different people, acupuncture treatments are tailored to the individual.

Acupuncture treatment can be used to treat and prevent diseases that may involve pain and immobility such as with joint pains and or sporting injuries.

Chronic diseases such as respiratory, immune, allergic, gastro-intestinal, urinary, or fatigue related conditions respond well to acupuncture.

Fertility and gynaecological problems such as painful, irregular or heavy periods and menopausal complaints can also be treated successfully with Acupuncture.

Practitioner(s):  Brendan Meek

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