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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an award winning, therapeutic way of working with clients to help them uncover and reframe the root cause of their negative issues, so they can move forward positively, with a new set of beneficial beliefs and behaviours.

What does that mean?
RTT is a form of hypnotherapy that combines with parts of other therapies (gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy, neurolinguistic programming and mindfulness). Using hypnotherapy, Shan will help you become deeply relaxed and alert (you’ll stay awake and in control) and then you’ll focus on past events relevant to your presenting issue, to uncover the interpretation you made at the time, and the beliefs you formed as a result.

Once you understand how and why the issue was created, you can reframe the way you look at the past, from your current, adult perspective. Then Shan will help you create new, positive beliefs. These will be reinforced with a personalised audio recording for you to listen to for 28 days.

What can RTT help with?
RTT has been successfully used to transform a wide range of issues in a short timeframe. Shan’s trauma informed work focuses on women over forty who struggle with emotional or physical pain, anxiety, or relationship issues. She helps them to ease the pain and feel safe and confident being themselves, able to resume living a normal, successful and joyfully free life.

A Client's story 

My client’s main issue was procrastination.

She had too many things on her to-do list and spent a lot of time avoiding things. She was
waiting to be interrupted and so, didn’t start. She put everybody else’s needs before her
own. She also wanted to lose some weight (that was secondary).

Often these types of issues can be traced back to some kind of trauma in a person’s past.
My client was well aware of what happened in her young life and surmised that those things
had had an impact on her. What she didn’t know was why, despite doing lots of self-
development and healing work, she couldn’t seem to overcome the problems.
We worked together to uncover the meanings her little girl mind had made from the
situations she had been in.

It’s fairly easy to “logically” piece together a meaning for something as an adult, to make
sense of what is going on in life. It’s more difficult to understand what a child might make
something mean to them, in order to feel safe and to feel like they belong.
I have 30+ years of experience in working with people who are in pain, emotionally as well
as physically.

I help my clients discover what is underneath their puzzling behaviours. To find out why
they have those habits. Once they understand what caused them, it’s fairly easy to change

My client achieved more in a week than she had previously, “doing all the things”. And, she
said to me in amazement, “I’m not driven by food – even when I do eat, I think to myself, I
don’t need that, I don’t really want it.”
Her voice was brighter. She was smiling more often. She took a whole weekend off, without
feeling like she should be doing something related to her business. 

This was in the week following her RTT session.


Posted on 9 February 2023
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