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How to deal with HSC exam stress and anxiety

How to deal with HSC exam stress and anxiety

Stress management for HSC Exams 

The HSC year and exams can be a daunting and stressful time for your child. The pressure to perform well, coupled with the sheer volume of content to study, can take a toll on both their mental and physical well-being. As a parent, you want to support your child through this challenging period. In 2024, students can turn to holistic practices such as kinesiology and breath work to manage stress and enhance their well-being. These techniques offer practical, accessible methods to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and boost overall performance.

What is Kinesiology? Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle monitoring to identify imbalances in the body’s energy systems. It combines principles from Eastern and Western medicine, focusing on the mind-body connection to promote health and well-being.

What is Breath Work? Breath work involves various techniques that focus on conscious breathing to improve mental, emotional, and physical health. It is a powerful tool for stress management, particularly useful for HSC students facing exam pressure.

What are the Combined Benefits of Kinesiology and Breath Work?

Enhanced Stress Reduction:
Kinesiology techniques balance the body's energy systems, alleviating physical stress and anxiety. Breath work complements this by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing deep relaxation. Together, these practices offer a comprehensive method for significantly reducing stress and anxiety.

Improved Concentration and Focus:
Kinesiology uses acupressure points to integrate brain hemispheres, boosting cognitive function and improving concentration. Breath work enhances mental clarity by improving oxygen flow to the brain. The combination of these practices helps your child maintain focus and perform better academically.

Better Emotional Regulation:
Kinesiology can manage emotions and reduce feelings of overwhelm through specific acupressure points. Breath work techniques, such as box breathing, lower heart rate and calm the mind. These tools help your child maintain a positive and calm mindset during study and exams.

Physical Well-being and Reduced Symptoms of Stress:
Kinesiology addresses physical imbalances, easing symptoms like headaches and muscle tension. Breath work promotes relaxation and alleviates physical stress indicators, such as high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. This dual approach ensures your child’s overall physical health and the energy levels necessary for optimal performance.

Enhanced Sleep Quality:
Balancing body energies through kinesiology facilitates relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep. Breath work further improves sleep by reducing stress and promoting a state of relaxation. Better sleep quality is crucial for memory consolidation and cognitive function, both essential for academic success.

Practical Application for Students

Daily Routine:
Encourage your child to incorporate short and simple breathing exercises into their morning and evening routines to promote relaxation and improve focus.

Pre-Exam Preparation:
A follow up kinesiology session can help balance energy and reduce anxiety, making study sessions more effective. Brief breathing techniques during the day can calm the mind and enhance focus, leading to more efficient study sessions.

During Exams:
A follow up kinesiology session before and during the exam period can help reduce exam anxiety. Breath work techniques used just prior to or even during exams can help your child maintain calm and focus.


As HSC exams approach in 2024, your child can greatly benefit from incorporating kinesiology and breath work into their stress management strategies. These holistic practices offer powerful tools to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and maintain emotional stability. By adopting these techniques, your child can navigate the pressures of exam preparation with greater ease and confidence, ultimately enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being.

Nicole Murray is a qualified kinesiologist, breath worker, and meditation teacher. Between now and the 2024 HSC exams, she is offering sessions specifically to help students with exam stress. These sessions will include Nicole teaching your child three or four short breath work exercises or simple meditations for calming the mind. The session will also include a kinesiology balance using acupressure points that reduce anxiety, improving concentration and focus.

To book this special offering book a Special: Managing Exam Stress with Breathing and Kinesiology

For more information email info@elementalhealth.net.au or book a session with Nicole via our website or call (02) 8084 0081.  


Posted on 7 June 2024
Author:Nicole Murray
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