Brendan Meek


Brendan Meek

Acupuncture treatment can be used to treat and prevent diseases that may include pain and immobility, chronic disease and illness or gynaecological disorders.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medical theory is founded upon the relationship between the internal organs, based on the circulation of energy, a system which often differs from the Western medical model.

The insertion of fine needles into the acupuncture point are manipulated with the appropriate method to return the body back to health and homeostasis. Very few points are used and sometimes only one point is required.

Brendan has been treating people since 1999 using Eastern Medical Therapies. Brendan's formal studies have involved Diplomas in Oriental Massage and a Bachelors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine obtained from the University of Technology, Sydney. 

He has also travelled extensively throughout Asia interning at various clinics and hospitals in Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Brendan has also served as a technical adviser for Taiwanese Chinese Herbal Medicine company, Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals, where he spoke conversational mandarin on a daily basis.


Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

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