Zuzana Dzurmanova

Remedial Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Dr Vodder method, Pregnancy Massage

Zuzana has been successfully practicing remedial massage for more than 10 years now. She is continuously adding additional modalities into her tool basket, always broadening her skills in hope to understand the human body and its responses to various obstacles such as health issues, injuries or accumulated stress. She is very much devoted to staying in touch with the latest research and finding new ways to assist her client.Her treatments are very different to standard back and shoulder massage. Her holistic and intuitive work reflects clients current needs.

Zuzana has clients coming from all walks of life. She particularly enjoys supporting her clients with chronic conditions. She is trained to assist patients before and after surgery, cancer survivors, particularly one with threat of developing secondary lymphoedema. Zuzana has been particularly busy with clients enjoying their renewed interest in staying healthy assisting them in their journey of active ageing.

Zuzana is also an experienced prenatal and postnatal practitioner with active referral from Sydney’s leading obstetricians.

Zuzana has been assisting clients suffering from conditions such as:

  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment,
  • Lipoedema, and 
  • Oedemas caused by autoimmune conditions, increased inflammatory responses or surgery such as joint replacements and reconstructions.

She is proficient to help with TMJ pain, chronic sinusitis, headaches, frozen shoulder, bursitis and tendonitis.

She has experience with working with clients suffering from anxiety and in a time of increased stress often helping expecting mothers on their journey.


Diploma in Remedial Massage (2011)
ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner (2022)
Dr Vodder Level 3 Lymphedema Management Practitioner (2022) Dr Vodder Applied Manual Lymphatic drainage (2019)
MTC lymph taping concept (2020)
NurtureLife Registred Pregnancy Massage Practitioner (2014)


Australian Traditional Medicine Associations ATMS Australian Lymphology Association ALA Pregnancy Massage Australia

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm
(after hours booking available)